Registration Category Early Bird Regular
Standard Authors GBP £550
GBP £650
Research Student Author GBP £500
GBP £600
Standard Participants GBP £400
GBP £500
Research Student Participants GBP £350
GBP £450
Extra Page GBP £60
GBP £60

  • (*Standard Paper size – 8 pages. Over length of paper charges £60 per extra page. Extra paper charges are applicable upto only 4 extra pages.)
  • (**Research Student Author - Those authors who are currently prusuing PHD, Masters degree in a research organisation/University comes under this category. )


Registration Include

  • Access to Keynote talks
  • Access to paper presentation sessions
  • Networking sessions
  • Conference lunch and refreshment
  • Tea and Coffee Breaks
  • Conference kit
  • Participation Certificate

The conference is non-residential and delegates are kindly requested to make their own arrangement for accommodation. If you have any query,
please drop a mail to

If you cancel your conference booking, or do not attend the conference, the conference fee will not be refunded. All Rights reserved to conference secretariat **

Payment of fees in GBP must accompany all registrations. No registration will be confirmed until payment is received.

Payment can be made by : Credit Card:
Only Visa and MasterCard are accepted and should be submitted on-line via the payment form. Credit card details will not be accepted via email.

Registration must be paid & confirmed before deadline. We may revise our terms and conditions as per the government norms, for example to reflect changes in relevant laws or regulatory requirements or improvements.

  • Filming and photography may take place at Conference . You consent to your image and likeness being used in marketing and films without any payment to you.
  • Registered Address for communication : 603, The Emporio, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India - 380005
  • By attending Conference you hereby the absolute right and permission to use your photograph or video image in promotional materials and publicity. In addition, you hereby consent to waive any and all future claims, causes of actions and/or demands against Conference secretariat.

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