Special session

Special session 1

The Internet of Things for Healthcare

Rationale of the motivation and objective of the special session

This special session will provide a forum for researchers and engineers to present their latest research on all aspects of IoT Technologies for Smart Healthcare, Use Cases and Evolutions, Data and IoT-based Communication Systems, Opportunities and Challenges

Recommended topics

Topics to be discussed in this special session include (but are not limited to) the following area:

  • Intelligence in Medical IoT
  • Big Data Management
  • Wearable Sensors and Data Stream Processing
  • Artificial Intelligence for Behavioral Analysis of Patients
  • Communication Networks for Medical IoT Sensors
  • Cloud Technologies for Healthcare IoT-based Systems
  • Smart Homecare and Telemedicine Applications
  • Smartphone-based Healthcare
  • Security, Safety and Privacy in IoT-based Healthcare
  • Cryptography of IoT-based Medical Data

Paper Submission

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Dr. Ali Chamas Al Ghouwayel

Associate Professor, Department of Computer and Communications,International University of Beirut(BIU), Lebanon

Dr. Ali Chamas Al Ghouwayel is an Associate Professor in the Department of Computer and Communications at the Lebanese International University, recently named International University of Beirut (BIU). He received his B.E. degree in Physics Electronics in 2002 from the Lebanese University, Beirut, his B.E. degree in Electronics Engineering and his M.S. Degree in Telecommunications in 2004 from the National School of Engineering of Brest (ENIB), Brest, France, and his PhD in Signal Processing and Telecommunications in 2008 from the High School of Electricity (Supélec) and University of Rennes 1, Rennes, France. His research activities concerned Parametrization Study for Software Radio Systems. In 2008, He joined the Lab-STICC laboratory in Lorient, France and worked as a Post-Doctoral researcher on the European Project DAVINCI. In 2010, He joined the Lebanese International University, in Beirut, Lebanon, as Assistant Professor in the Computer and Communication Engineering Department. His research interests include Study, Optimization, and Adequation Algorithm-Architecture for Hardware Implementation of Non-Binary LDPC decoders, Internet of Things (IoT) MAC Protocols-Framing and Channel Coding. His recent research activities are extended to include the investigation of the innovative technologies allowing for an efficient radio-communication usage of the 90GHz-200GHz spectrum. These activities are conducted in collaboration with CentraleSupelec, Rennes, France. A new collaborative project is being prepared with Lab-STICC--University of South Brittany (Université de Bretagne Loire)--Lorient France, aiming at designing a set of very low rate codes available for IoT sensors and defining a joint optimal modulation coding scheme with time and frequency synchronization. Dr. Ali Chamas Al Ghouwayel has several refereed journal and conference papers. He also served as a reviewer for several conferences and IEEE transactions journal papers.

Paper Submission

  • Papers needs to be directly submitted on Special Session Chair’s mail id.
  • Papers submitted directly to conference will not be considered under any Special Session.


Title Date
Submission Deadline 25th August 2018
Decision Notification 7th September 2018
Registration and CRC 14th September 2018


All accepted, peer reviewed papers related Biomedical Engineering domain will be published in conference proceedings by Springer Lecture Notes in Computational Vision and Biomechanics.

All submissions Should be made directly at the Session Chair(s) for Special Session 1

Important Note - Paper submitted directly to conference will not be considered under special session 1

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